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our history



The Exchange officially launched on October 14th, 2012 as a new service/expression of First Alliance Church. The goal was to reach people that FAC were not reaching. Pastors Brad Young and Caleb Delamont began to lead this new community as it sought to find its identity and purpose.

On January 15th, 2013 they both had a profound life-changing encounter with Jesus. The Holy Spirit opened their eyes in a brand new way to the beauty and the freedom found in the Good News about Jesus. It became something that was profoundly relevant not just for salvation but also for everyday life. With a renewed passion for Jesus and zeal for ministry they committed to do everything they could to faithfully point to Jesus and proclaim His message.

For each Sunday gathering from that point on the chief goal became to hold up the Good News about Jesus above all and in all that we said and did. The shift was palpable. Lifelong Christians began to wake up and find new joy and freedom in Jesus. Shortly after that it became clear that Jesus was saving unchurched people as well. 

At this time God was moving in Pastor Brad and Caleb’s hearts and affirming the call to church planting. In February of 2016 they presented a proposal to the Elders of First Alliance Church that The Exchange should become a new church planted out of FAC. They agreed wholeheartedly and with a unanimous decision gave their blessing for the planting of The Exchange Church.

We see a great need in Calgary for more churches commited to holding up the Good News about Jesus. We are excited for the future as we embark on this new adventure connecting people with Jesus and His mission in Calgary and around the world. 



our vision & mission

Our Values + Beliefs


what we envision

We dream of seeing Seton and beyond saturated with the presence of Jesus so every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. The Exchange Church is not just a building or a gathering.
We are the church and we are passionate about equipping, empowering and releasing God’s people to be the church. We are a family of people sent by Jesus into the everyday stuff of life so God might fill every place, every day,
with Jesus’ presence through His people.


We believe that joining Jesus on His mission is the most exciting way to live.


fulfilling our mission

Leading people to encounter Jesus.

Our city will be saturated with the presence of Jesus as people become disciples of Jesus who are committed to leading others to become disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to be disciples who make disciples. A disciple of Jesus is committed to bringing all of life increasingly under the lordship of Jesus. They are also committed to leading others to bring all of life increasingly under the Lordship of Jesus. The mission of The Exchange Church is not just to grow a Sunday gathering or fill community groups with people. Our desire is to equip God's people to be disciples who make disciples so that every place might be saturated with the presence of Jesus. 

We believe that joining Jesus on His mission is the most exciting way to live.
Come be a part of our family as we join Jesus in his work in the world.


these are our values

1. Jesus-Centred

The good news about Jesus is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Romans 1:16).
We will point to Jesus in all things.


2. The Word of God

We believe the bible is the inspired word of God. We strive to remain faithful to the word of God in
preaching and in life.


3. Prayer

We cannot do what God has called us to do without prayer. Our prayer gatherings will serve as the barometer of our success because unless God moves, we have no hope of accomplishing his mission. Only Jesus heals. Only Jesus changes hearts. Only Jesus saves….so we pray. 


4. Multiplication

Multiplication is what Christian ministry is all about. We are disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples. Multiplication permeates everything we do from individuals to community groups to starting new churches.


5. Community

We were created to thrive in relationships. The Exchange Church strives to be a place where deep, faith strengthening relationships can develop and thrive in the context of community. 


6. The City

God loves the city and the people in it. We are called to love, bless, serve and pray for our city (Jeremiah 29:7).


7. Serving

King Jesus came not to be served as King but to serve and to give his life away to save many (Matthew 20:28).
We are called to sacrificially serve others with our lives. 


8. Sending

All followers of Jesus are “sent ones”. We are all sent by Jesus into the world on His mission to make disciples.
The Exchange Church is a family that is passionate about equipping and releasing people to be sent in whatever way Jesus calls them. 


9. Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit gives supernatural gifts to all followers of Jesus. We believe that all of the same New Testament gifts are in operation today and we want all people to feel free to use their gifts for the glory of Jesus and for the building up of His Church. 


10. Story

God writes breathtaking stories in our lives to show us his glory. When we share them, the power and the character of God is made visible and he is worshipped. We strive to tell stories with excellence.


what we believe

Our Basic Beliefs represent the foundational beliefs of Christianity. They capture the basic contours of Christian theology. These are the core, non-negotiable truths that we adhere to as Bible believing Christians and represent what we are in agreement with when we make a public declaration of these beliefs through water baptism. 


beliefs & information

As a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, we subscribe to the statement of faith outlined by the Alliance Churches in Canada.


No. 1

the Scriptures are true, authoritative and sufficient.

No. 2

there is only one true God, Creator of heaven and earth, who eternally exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

No. 3

all things exist for the glory of God.

No. 4

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, was born of a virgin and is both fully God and fully human.

No. 5

Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead, ascended into heaven and will one day physically return.

No. 6

there will be a future physical resurrection of the dead. Only those who are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, will be raised to eternal reward.