Serve with us

We believe Sunday gatherings are a part of how we engage in disciple-making throughout the week. They are an opportunity to celebrate everything that Jesus has been doing in and through our church family throughout the week.

Serving on our Sunday Teams is another way to connect with the bigger Exchange Church family and enjoy the opportunity of serving and loving one another, all for the glory of Jesus.
Most of our teams serve about once a month

Come join one of our serving teams! Fill out the form below so we can learn a little more about you, and someone will be in touch within the week.

Exchange Church Serve Team Wish list

  • Setup Team

  • Sound & Tech Team

  • The Exchange Kids Team


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communications team

The Communications Team exists to make sure everyone attending or wanting to attend The Exchange Church has access to all information and can stay connected to the church family throughout the week leading up to Sunday. They showcase the amazing things that God is doing at The Exchange Church through various mediums while using their gifts and talents in communications, photography, videography and social media. 


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connect team

The Connect team is responsible for seeking out new people to our church family and making a meaningful connection with them, helping them find community and connection through serving. The most important task of the Connect Team is to make sure people feel seen and know they are a valued part of our church family.

The Connect team also helps to set the stage for our Sunday gathering by settin-up all communications, communion, and aesthetic components to the service and makes our borrowed space feel like home.


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prayer Team

We believe prayer is essential to the life of every believer and it is core to what we do as a church because it allows us to commune with God on a practical and supernatural level. The prayer team is available during and following each service for face-to-face prayer for anyone who feels they are needing someone to stand with them while seeking God. They are also committed to lifting up our church family in prayer throughout the week and during special prayer and worship nights
each month.


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setup team

Weekly, our team transforms a borrowed space into a place for corporate worship, teaching, prayer, and community. Basically, we get the house ready for our family gathering! We also pack it up after and leave the space ready for whatever follows.


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sound & tech team

The Sound and Tech team are crucial for our Sunday gatherings to make sure services run smoothly, technologically speaking. From sound and audio, lights, videos and screens, this team makes it possible for all the elements of a service to move ahead, all while building a family with the crew and meeting other wonderful people who make our Sunday gatherings possible.


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the exchange kids team

Our mission at The Exchange Kids is to connect all children with Jesus and His mission. We strive to create a positive and loving environment for every child from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. We want our kids to know, worship, and love God. During our Sunday morning gathering, The Exchange Kids ministry team gives infants through Grade 5 a place to do that in a way that’s geared to their age groups.


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worship team

Every Sunday, we gather as a church family to sing songs that proclaim God’s truth. As worship leaders and musicians, our purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through music and facilitate an opportunity for our family to glorify God and encounter Jesus through our collective
praise of Him.